About Me

Are you interested in creating a profitable online business?

Hello my name is Anju Singh.

My life before starting my online business was the traditional 9-5 job, stressed and overworked corporate slave. Meeting the demands of work, a family and financial needs was overwhelming.

Not so long ago, the loans, mortgages and a mountain of bills were getting hard to pay and my husband and me burned the midnight oil, saved as much as we could but our financial situation continued to generate sleepless nights and health issues.

We needed to get out of this hole and secure funds for our children’s university education and so began to explore ways to earn additional income.

While my husband stayed with his job, I searched for opportunities to make additional money and attended numerous seminars. I heard the marketing spin on “get rich quick” schemes.

In my moment of desperation, I was lured hook, line and sinker by compelling advertising and tall stories. The tall stories were just that – high on promises and low on delivery. Out of pocket and low on hope, I was even more stressed and helpless than ever before.

We wondered if anything would ever change, until the day when things changed…

Very reluctantly, I attended a Free Seminar recommended by a friend who had seen success with his online business. Obviously skeptical, I anticipated another complete WOT (waste of time) seminar. I was wrong this time…

Refreshingly, the affiliates were transparent, the strategy made sense and the numbers backed the claims. There were no tall stories. This was a proven system, with real people and real success stories.

Thereafter, I attended a life-changing 3 day seminar and haven’t looked back since. Not only has our financial situation improved, but I’ve also discovered the joys of leading a flexible lifestyle. Instead of being dictated by financial constraints, I set my own schedule, work from wherever and whenever I want.

Yes I do work from the beach sometimes!

This freedom and financial security brings a much needed sense of calmness and stability in my life. There are no more panic buttons since I know the finances are covered.

Money may not be everything but it does provide security, independence, comfort and the lifestyle you choose to live. Like me, you can also build a profitable online business and leave the 9-5 rat race behind.

Take action and leverage the power of the internet to build a real income. Take the first step on the path to Financial Freedom.